Saturday, May 23, 2015

Google Maps: Does Knowing "Why" Matter?

If you’ve ever been stuck in an airport with a delayed flight, you understand why information about “why” there is a delay is valuable, even if that information does not actually get you moving any sooner.

Google Maps already suggests alternative routes, but now it will tell users “why” it recommends a particular route.

It’s a subtlety, but probably will have value for the same reason knowing “why” a plane is delayed is helpful.

Starting today, Google Maps will provide more detailed alternative routes and notifications about traffic conditions.

if congestion lies ahead, Google Maps will provide an estimate of  how long you’ll be stuck in a traffic jam.

Aside from telling you where and what, the alerts and suggestions also give you the why. Google Maps explains why a certain traffic condition is taking place and, in case of an alternate route, why that path might be better.

The new feature might be a rather small tweak. But some of us would guess the value will be rather higher than the tweak might seem.

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