Friday, May 15, 2015

Vodafone Bemoans Low 4G Adoption

Nearly 66 percent of businesses and government executives surveyed by YouGov do not use fourth generation networks, said Vodafone, which sponsored the study.

Some 40 percent of respondents have no plans to adopt 4G at all.

It is the sort of survey that would be troubling, in the near term, for any firm that had just made heavy investments in new capacity to support services most of the potential customers say they do not use.

In the long term, the survey results will mean almost nothing. Few predictions are safer than predicting 4G usage will become commonplace and mainstream relatively quickly, as 4G-capable devices are purchased at higher rates, as tariffs and promotions are launched.

Uptake of fourth generation mobile services might be slower than Vodafone would prefer, but 4G adoption elsewhere in the world arguably has been very rapid. Some might argue, to the extent adoption is sluggish, that is a Vodafone issue, not a U.K. market issue.

Some might note that 4G adoption rates at other U.K. mobile operations have not proven especially problematic.

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