Sunday, July 22, 2012

Do People Really Want to Use Mobile Broadband for Their Tablets?

Mobile service providers hope that tablet users will want to connect their tablets using the cellular network, instead of using Wi-Fi. New shared mobile data plans are intended to encourage such choices. Will it work?

Some don't believe so. The share of tablets with built-in cellular connectivity will decline over the next four years despite the expected proliferation of multi-device data plans designed to encourage their adoption, according to a new forecast by CCS insight

The study suggests 48 percent of tablet shipments in 2011 were cellular-enabled. The firm expects the share of cellular-enabled tablets will slowly diminish to 37 percent in 2016.

"Most users do not regard cellular connectivity in tablets as a must-have, especially given the current price of tablets and mobile data subscriptions," says CCS Insight,

For most users, that is because tablets mostly are used inside the home, where a Wi-Fi connection is available. 

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