Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surprising Findings about Mobile Payments

You might not be too surprised if told that about a third of U.S. mobile phone users have used mobile payments of some sort over the last year or so. You might not be surprised if a significant percentage of those sales were of digital goods such as games, apps or music.

But a new study found surprising behavior. Despite the popularity of digital downloads, such as apps and music, more respondents reported buying physical goods with their phones than online services, digital goods, or virtual currency, IDC reports.

That would be a significant finding, indeed, at least for remote payments made from a mobile device.

The  IDC Financial Insights study  found that mobile payments have more than doubled in popularity, reaching over 33 percent of survey respondents. Of those that had made a mobile payment, more than half used PayPal Mobile (56 percent), with Amazon Payments and Apple's iTunes service statistically tied at about 40 percent.

The findings are important for mobile payments providers and merchants, as the behavior shows increasing adoption of the mobile payment habit for products not traditionally associated with mobile device content and application purchases.

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