Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TiVo, PayPal, TRA Tighten Link Between Ad Message and Purchase

The traditional quip about advertising is that "half of it is wasted; I just don't know which half." But the entire movement of advertising these days is towards targeting, tracking and measurement of return on that investment.

Now TiVo, PayPal and TRA will be working together to provide not only a tighter link between message and action, but also a better way to measure those results. TiVo is working with PayPal so users can easily click to buy products they see in TV ads.

Users who like an advertised product can do so with a few clicks of their remote after they set up their accounts. Such ads are not ones that typically run during broadcasts but instead pop up during various interactions such as when shows are paused.

Separately, TiVo has purchased TRA, which supplies a platform that directly links information from the same households as to what viewers watch and what they buy. The idea is for PayPal to use TRA to matche television exposures from 1.5 million TV homes with specific purchase transactions, which then are anonymized.

The result, again, should be better data on advertising effectiveness.

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