Monday, July 16, 2012

Now TV Moves Users Closer to Internet TV Delivery

Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen has said that, if he were starting today, he probably would not choose to launch a video entertainment service using satellites, and might opt for a "Netflix" style, over the top over the top delivery method. 

In the United Kingdom, BSkyB, the dominant satellite video service provider, is going to try something similar, if restricted for the moment to movie fare. 

Instant access to hundreds of the latest titles on Sky Movies, with new and exclusive premieres available each Friday, at least a year before any other online subscription service, as BSkyB launches Now TV, without a contract, using online delivery, not a satellite connection.

Now TV is launching in the United Kingdom on PC, Mac and selected Android smartphones; on iPhone, iPad within the next month, on XBox later in 2012. That is not entirely revolutionary. Online delivery of movie content is fairly well established.

The next big breakthrough will come when single TV episodes, an entire TV series or a complete TV channel or network can be purchased separately, with online delivery, without the requirement for first buying a standard TV service. 

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