Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Small Business Execs Will Stay Connected Using Mobile, IF They Vacation in 2012

According to the latest Manta survey of over 1200 small business owners, nearly half of those polled say they won’t have time to take a vacation this summer and almost 60 percent say they’re working more this year than they did last year. 

Some 70 percent of small businesses surveyed also are not planning to hire any new employees during the summer months (a significant drop since the 2011 poll that showed 57 percent of small business owners were planning to hire).

But those owners and executives that are planning to get away say they will still be working, thanks to their mobile devises.

Some 70 percent of small business owners will be checking their email/work documents remotely while on vacation, with 60 percent saying they are able to enjoy their vacation more because of being able to monitor their businesses via their mobile device.

Working More... resting less

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