Verizon Messaging: Will it Show the Value of a Phone Number?

Verizon Messaging is a new multi-screen messaging service that extends "Verizon Messages" service to PCs, Android smart phones, and Android or iOS tablets. 

The advantages over third party messaging apps all hinge on integration of the mobile device phone number.Where a third party app has to be present on both sender an recipient devices, Verizon Messaging only requires mobile phone numbers on either end of the communication. 

In other words, senders only have to know that a recipient has a mobile number, and the message can be received on a PC or tablet, as well as the phone, without the need to know whether the recipient has loaded the right app on all of the receiving devices. 

Also, messages can be stored if the recipient devices are not "online" to receive them in real time. That is a difference from third party messaging services that require both sender and receiver to be online at the same time. 

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