GM Expects to Make $350 Profit on Auto LTE Services

General Motors believes it will generate $350 million in additional profit between 2015 and 2018 from fourth generation Long Term Evolution services (4G LTE) mobile broadband in its cars and trucks.

GM has suggested 4G LTE in GM cars will cost between $5 and $50 per month for data on top of the $20 to $30 per month that owners pay for OnStar telematics.

A 200 MB per month service plan costs $5 ($10 without Directions & Connections plan).

The 1 GB per month service costs $15 ($20 without Directions & Connections). The 3GB per month plan costs $30.

The 5 GB per month plan costs $50.

A day usage plan including 250 MB for one day costs $5.

Users also can buy a 10 GB plan, allowing usage over 12 months, for $150 ($200 without Directions & Connections).

AT&T Share Plan customers can add the car service for $10 per month per GM car.
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