Sonic Begins Marketing of Gigabit Internet Access in Parts of San Francisco

Independent Internet service provider Sonic, which operates in Northern California, says it has launched gigabit Internet access service in the Sunset and Richmond districts of San Francisco. One assumes that service is provided over Sonic’s owned fiber to home facilities.

Elsewhere in San Francisco, Sonic also is selling voice and Internet access that appears use AT&T’s fiber to neighborhood network (Sonic appears to be a wholesale ISP customer of AT&T).

Sonic’s Fusion Fiber service costs just $40 a month and includes “unlimited” domestic calling as well as unlimited international calling to 66 countries.

Sonic has previously delivered Gigabit Fiber in Brentwood and Sebastopol, Calif., plus business parks in Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Windsor, Calif.

At such prices, Sonic definitely undercuts the prices Comcast (which serves San Francisco) is likely to offer when it launches its own gigabit Internet access service in San Francisco, sometime later in 2016. In other markets, such service has sold for more than $100 a month.
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