Jajah Adds Hosted PBX Functionality

Jajah has expanded its SMB Solution Suite to incorporate a managed service IP telephony solution, including a fully functional 'soft' PBX. The suite of services gives every small and medium business the ability to IP-enable their existing telephony systems and make VoIP calls to over 200 countries without any additional investment.

The Jajah SMB Solution Suite allows all devices: make or receive calls via mobile, landline and even softphone (PC-based telephone), with specific plug-ins for Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones available. Pre-paid and analog-only phones will also be supported.

Also included:are a suite of productivity tools providing the ability to embed telephony within Google Enterprise Apps and Microsoft Office. Features also include centralized address book, database and directory lookup services.

Presence features allow users to choose which phone to use to answer a call, whether on a mobile, landline or softphone, or even to divert the call to a voice mail, which will be converted to text and delivered as an email into the employee's inbox.

Employees can specify their location and availability, while the network will also make intelligent routing decisions based on last-call and office hours.

The system fully supports number portability. The Jajah SMB Suite also offers sophisticated dial-plans, call monitoring and limit-setting amongst other budget management tools.

The service also supports visual Voicemail (where voicemail is converted to text), universal messaging, SMS, conference calls, scheduled calls, call logging, and address book synchronization.

The SMB Solution Suite will be available directly at www.jajahSMB.com, with a global indirect channel partner to be announced in the third quarter of 2008.


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