WeFi One-Touch Wi-Fi for Windows Mobile Devices

WeFi Inc., creator of an open, community-based global Wi-Fi network, announced today the launch of a new ‘one-touch-internet’ feature for Windows Mobile, providing mobile users with seamless access to the best Wi-Fi connection relative to their location at the simple click of the touch-screen.

WeFi’s one-touch-internet feature gives the Windows Mobile user a convenient interface to launch any application or webpage from the “Today” screen, automatically finding the best Wi-Fi connection available when this application is launched.

In addition, each application can be configured in advance to use only Wi-Fi, or revert to 3G or 2.5G data connection if no Wi-Fi access point is available – so that a seamless connection is constantly maintained.

WeFi says its network now includes 1.5 million access points.

Windows Mobile users can also register the WeFi software on their personal computers.


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