Apple Sets Sales Records, Has $97 Billion in Cash

Apple first quarter results show record quarterly revenue of $46.33 billion and record quarterly net profit of $13.06 billion.

The company sold 37.04 million iPhones in the quarter, 15.43 million iPads and 5.2 million Macs. Apple also has an astounding $97 billion in cash. Any "normal" company would face unbearable pressure to distribute that cash to shareholders. Apple Reports First Quarter Results 

  • Revenue: $46.33 Billion versus $38.76 billion expected
  • EPS: $13.87 versus $10.07 expected
  • iPhone units: 37.04 million versus 30.2 million expected 
  • iPad units: 15.4 million 13.2 million expected 
  • Mac units: 5.2 million versus 5 million expected 
  • iPod: 15.4 million versus 13.9 million expected, according to Bloomberg
  • Gross Margin: 44.7% versus 41.8% expected
  • March quarter revenue: $32.5 billion versus $31.9 billion expected
  • March quarter EPS: $8.50 versus $8.00 expected
  • Apple now has $97 billion in cash, short term, and long term securities
  • The iPhone's average selling price is up to $660
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