Friday, January 27, 2012

Google Has a Vested Interest in "Speed"

Though low latency, faster access networks often are seen primarily as an access provider issue, Google has a direct financial interest in the fastest-possible degree of end user Internet access, which would explain Google's experiments with, and support for, faster broadband access, ranging from municipal Wi-Fi to white spaces to fiber to the home.

It is more than a subjective matter of "better end user experience." Faster access, and lower latency, mean users can view more pages and content in a shorter amount of time. For a company that makes its money from advertising, that means a potential increase in the number of impressions.

Now Google appears to be testing ways to reduce page load time by 10 percent to 40 percent by changing the way the Transmission Control Protocol operates.TCP is a key protocol used by all users of the Internet, and all web pages.

Google also appears to be working on methods for speeding up error correction methods, which would likewise speed up end user experience and delivery of pages.

Google also is said to be developing algorithms to improve experience on “noisy mobile networks” by reducing latency.  Google working on faster web experiences.:

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