Google Social Search

Google search keeps getting more social, adding the ability to integrate web content, profiles, personal results and other content, including local content.

Social Search will include Google+ posts, for example plus user personal photos, making any single user's search results highly personal (and private).

Now, typing just the first few letters of a friend’s name brings up a personalized profile prediction in "autocomplete" mode. A results page for a friend will include information from their Google+ profile and relevant web results that may be related to them.

In addition, you’ll find profile autocomplete predictions for various prominent people from Google+, such as high-quality authors from our authorship pilot program.

Once you select that profile, if you’re a signed-in Google+ user, you’ll also see a button to add them to your circles right on your search results page.
Since some of the information you’ll now find in search results, including Google+ posts and private photos, is already secured by SSL encryption on Google+, Google decided that the results page should also have the same level of security and privacy protection.

"Search plus Your World" will become available in mid-January 2012  to people who are signed in and searching on in English.
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