Friday, January 20, 2012

PayPal to Expand Home Depot Retail Payments Test

PayPal is expanding its test of PayPal retail payments with Home Depot from the limited "friends and family" test it has been conducting, to about 50 Home Depot locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. PayPal expands Home Depot test 

Up to this point, the pilot customers (said to be PayPal employees, only)  have been able to pay for items using their PayPal account at Home Depot’s point of sale systems. 

They can either use a pin code on their mobile phone or a  PayPal credit card that can be swiped.

PayPal has been agnostic about actual transaction technologies, so the test is probably more oriented towards assessing end user demand and preferences, more than the particular payment technology.

The logical approach, no matter which technology is chosen, is to link an existing PayPal account with the mobile device. 

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