Thursday, June 9, 2016

App Store, Google Play to Boost App Provider Revenue Share to 85%

Driven by marketing concerns, both App Store and Google Play are poised to raise the share of revenue going to their app store partners. Apple plans to boost app provider share of revenue from 70 percent to 85 percent, if an app can maintain a subscription from a customer for at least a year.

Google Play also is said to be planning an increase in app provider share up to 85 percent.

Apple’s move seems driven, in part, by a new focus on growing subscription revenues. Google likely is moving more to keep pace with the App Store. Both, in doing so, will strengthen their dominance of the app store markets.

source: Wall Street Journal
Growing competition from Amazon likely also is a factor. But the shift of app revenue to developers will likely increase developer commitment to both platforms.

The new revenue splits might be especially interesting for content providers, especially streaming video providers. Sales of streaming content subscriptions is becoming more important for content owners and distributors.

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