Tuesday, June 14, 2016

High Speed Access Top of Amenities List for Renters, Study Finds

High speed access is among the top-two amenities for an apartment rental, a study by RVA for the FTTH Council suggests. Both potential renters and property owners rank high speed access at the top of a list of amenities, along with in-unit washers and dryers.

The study provides “direct evidence that satisfaction with broadband correlates with overall MDU property satisfaction itself.”

As always is the case with arguments and beliefs about the role of Internet access as a driver of economic growth or social well-being, correlation is not necessarily causation, a fact briefly noted by the study.

But “causation is not proven,” the study says.

Though we always act as though high speed access matters for economic activity, learning and social well-being, about all we really can say is that there is a correlation. We cannot prove causation.

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