Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Many Enterprises Already Use IoT Apps and Services

source: 451 Research
The majority of enterprises in a recent survey--especially in the utility and manufacturing industries--already have deployed Internet of Things solutions, according to a new report from 451 Research.

Some 65 percent of respondent organizations currently collect data from equipment, devices or other connected endpoints and use that data for a business purpose, 451 Research says.

As you might guess, equipment operating in data centers, reported by 51 percent of respondents,  is currently the most common source of IoT data collected.

Feeds from camera and surveillance equipment are collected by 34 percent of respondents.

Nearly half (49 percent)  of manufacturing organizations gather data from factory equipment and 49 percent of healthcare organizations report gathering data from medical devices.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 8.58.11 AM
source: 451 Research
Business value derived from these deployments include reducing risk (66 percent) followed by optimizing operations (63 percent), developing new or enhance existing products or services (33 percent) and enhancing customer targeting (21 percent).

Manufacturing and utilities mostly care about optimizing operations, while reducing risk is more critical for those in finance and public sector.

The volume of data being gathered and stored by these endpoints includes:
  • machine sensing (data gathered from machines)
  • biological sensing (data gathered from humans and animals)
  • environmental sensing (data gathered from the environment)

Respondents said the majority of the data today is gathered from machines for business use (71.5 percent), while data gathered from humans and animals (8.5 percent) and the environment (20 percent) represents a smaller, but growing portion of the overall data.

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