Average Global Internet Connection Speed Up 12% Since Last Quarter

Almost nothing is more inexorable than an increase in global average connection speed from one quarter to the next. Akamai, for example, reports a  12 percent quarter over quarter increase in average global Internet connection speed  to 6.3 Mbps.

Global average peak connection speed increased 6.8 percent to 34.7 Mbps.

At a country/region level, South Korea continued to have the highest average Internet connection speed in the world at 29 Mbps, an 8.6 percent gain over the fourth quarter of 2015, while Singapore maintained its position as the country with the highest average peak connection speed at 146.9 Mbps, an 8.3 percent quarterly increase.

Globally, 4 Mbps broadband adoption came in at 73 percent, up 5.4 percent from the fourth quarter of 2015.

Average mobile connection speeds (aggregated at a country/region level) ranged from a high of 27.9 Mbps in the United Kingdom to a low of 2.2 Mbps in Algeria in the first quarter of 2016, while average peak mobile connection speeds ranged from 171.6 Mbps in Germany to 11.7 Mbps in Ghana.

Based on traffic data collected by Ericsson, the volume of mobile data traffic grew by 9.5 percent  over the previous quarter.


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