Friday, January 3, 2014

How Big a Business Can "Exposing Network Services" to Business Partners Grow to Be?

Most major mobile service provider executives probably would agree that providing mobile network services to third parties is an important revenue growth opportunity.

One example is provided by AT&T and Verizon efforts to sell mobile network services to banks who host banking apps.

AT&T makes available a number of hosted services ranging from call recording to videoconferencing to geo-location services to mobile identity verification.

The telecom launched its first product in this vein, a mobile identity toolkit, in late December. In a way, it is following the footsteps of Verizon.

It's hard to say for certain how big such revenue streams might become, other than to note that immediate prospects should be rather modest. Even the established content delivery network business, a similar line of business generating revenue from business partners, earns perhaps several billion a year, globally.

Most efforts to sell third parties mobile network features will proceed industry by industry, necessarily implying a rather muted growth rate.

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