Hola: Peer to Peer Virtual Private Network

Hola, a new peer-to-peer virtual private network service, is bound to be used by people who want to watch content they are not able to access because that content is not licensed in the nation where they reside.

On a larger level, though, Hola is a way to provide the benefits of a content delivery network without actually using a CDN. It makes the Internet more efficient as well. 

Perhaps intriguingly, Hola also makes it harder for government authorities to track your IP address. 

With the disclaimer that I am not advocating anybody violate copyright rules, the networking approach, and the ability to change an IP address, might in some cases be quite useful, particularly in countries where governments are heavy handed, and where dissent is considered a crime.

Hola is the latest practical implication of P2P techniques historically used by content sharing apps and services, but which have other important ramifications. 

Hola Graphic_05
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