Friday, September 23, 2016

20% of T-Mobile US Binge On Users bought Data Plan Upgrades

The T-Mobile US “Binge On“ program that zero rates streaming video has gotten a 99-percent satisfaction rating in a study of consumers produced by Strategy Analytics.

Also, some 20 percent of Binge On users traded up from a lower tier T-Mobile US price plan to get Binge On’s benefits, so the program arguably is paying off for T-Mobile US.

All of that arguably also helps video packagers who have gotten more viewers and engagement.

The survey also found 68 percent of customers of rival mobile networks indicated either strong or moderate interest un-metered video streaming over the mobile network in exchange for streaming limited to DVD quality.

Also, some 14 percent of users reported they were either “very interested” or “extremely interested” in switching to T-Mobile to get zero-rated video.

That would explain why both AT&T--and Verizon to some extent--now have responded with similar offers.

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