Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why is Verizon Getting Fewer iPhone 7 Orders?

Why is Verizon apparently having a harder time getting iPhone accounts, as exemplified by Verizon customer demand for the Apple iPhone? Promotional pricing by competitors, one might argue.

Pre-orders of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at Sprint (NYSE: S) are up more than 375 percent in the first three days over last year.

Since Sprint  began accepting pre-orders for the new iPhone 7, new and existing customers have been placing orders for the devices at a rate nearly four times greater than this time last year.

T-Mobile US says it is seeing iPhone 7 orders four times higher than comparable rates for the iPhone 6.
AT&T has reported “higher than expected” orders for the new iPhones.

Verizon says demand for the new iPhone was about what it expected.

Perhaps it is promotional pricing by Sprint and T-Mobile US that explains the difference. Prior to the iPhone 7 launch, Sprint and T-Mobile US, plus AT&T to an arguably lesser extent, had launched new “unlimited usage” plans.

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