Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5G Seen as "Game Changer" by Wide Range of Mobile-Using Industries

source: Ericsson
The headlines about 5G networks are about speed: data rates up to two orders of magnitude faster than 4G (100 times) or supported data volume three orders of magnitude higher than 4G (1,000 times).

But network latency also will be five times lower. And battery life of remote cellular devices is expected to reach 10 years or more.

source: Ericsson
The big story is potential impact for many industries. In a recent survey, Ericsson  found that executives in a wide range of industries expect serious disruption of their businesses from machine-to-machine communications, cloud-based apps and mobile networks.

Just as significantly, executives believe next-generation mobile platforms provide strategic advantage. Some 99 percent of respondents in public safety believe that will be the case, while 98 percent of respondents in health care believe next-generation mobile platforms will provide strategic advantage.

Some 94 percent of financial services respondents, 92 percent of media or gaming respondents, 94 percent of high-technology manufacturing executives and 90 percent of automotive industry respondents believe strategic value will be gained.

Though executives might be wrong about those perceptions, they clearly believe there is big upside, as well as new competition, on the way.

In fact, 87 percent of all respondents believe next-generation mobile networks will be “game changers.”

“Industries that will benefit the most from 5G are those that connect something in the physical world to the internet in order to create innovative products or services, provide a better customer experience, increase efficiency, or improve safety,” Ericsson believes.

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