Cord Stackers More Satisfied Than Cord Cutters (No Surprise)

Almost by definition, consumers who like a product will buy more of it than consumers who do not like a particular product. So it is with entertainment video.

Overall satisfaction with paid streaming video service is highest among cord stackers who buy both linear and over the top video, and lowest among cord cutters, who, by definition, have abandoned linear video.

The latest J.D. Power study finds that although the number of customers who cut the cord on pay TV is growing, the majority of streaming video customers still purchase a linear TV service in addition to a streaming video service.

About 60 percent of streaming customers are cord stackers; 23 percent are cord shavers (those who still subscribe to TV but have downgraded their service package); 13 percent are cord cutters (those who have recently canceled TV service); and four percent are cord nevers (those who have never subscribed to pay TV and only subscribe to streaming video service).

Overall satisfaction is lowest among cord cutters, followed closely by cord nevers, while satisfaction is highest among cord stackers and cord shavers.
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