Friday, September 23, 2016

Digital Realty Launches Service Exchange

Digital Realty is launching a cloud connectivity platform, The Digital Realty Service Exchange, which will provide private, direct connections between enterprise data centers and the public clouds of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, and Microsoft Azure, in addition to other clouds.

Service Exchange will provide more-flexible and scalable interconnection services, with bandwidth-on-demand features, creating wide area connections that are virtually the same as if co-located partners were inside a single data center, and are managed with a single interface.

The service also provides redundancy across the whole network as though clouds were cross-connected inside a single data center, and allows customers to instantly self-provision extra bandwidth on demand.

The service will be available later this year--as early as November 2016--in 24 data centers and 15 markets, using software defined network capabilities provided by Megaport. “Traditionally, interconnection was a very physical operation and arcane,” said Eric Troyer, Megaport CMO. “We abstract all that.”

Essentially, Service Exchange gives even small customers the same capabilities as once possessed only by large carriers.

Service Exchange also should allow more customers to create express, point-to-point connections between their various data centers and apps, reducing latency by reducing unnecessary traverses of the WAN.

Among other advantages are better ability to move workloads across all available data center assets, easily and rapidly. In that sense, the new service makes all resources “local,” even when physically separated.

It might go without saying that the new features will make Digital Realty a more-capable alternative to similar services offered by Equinix.

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