Friday, September 23, 2016

Comcast to Sell Business 100 Gbps Ethernet in Annapolis, Md.

Comcast is going to sell business customers 100-Gbps Ethernet in Annapolis, Md., illustrating once again that it is cable TV operators who now set the standards for much of the U.S. Internet and data communications market, consumer, small business or enterprise.

Such speeds would not be unheard of in the long haul network, but are rare in metro access markets.

You would think speed leadership would come from Verizon's fiber to the home network, but cable TV operators such as Comcast have matched and now are eclipsing Verizon FTTH speeds at the top end, and have been leading telcos in "average" speeds since before 2004, with big increases since 2006.

So far, Google Fiber has few enough customers that it does not factor into the national picture, even if Google Fiber can be credited with launching the latest round of upgrades to gigabit speeds.

Nokia already has demonstrated 10 Gbps symmetrical speeds on hybrid fiber coax, supporting the CableLabs “full duplex” version of DOCSIS 3.1. Full duplex uses time division rather than frequency division.

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source: FCC National Broadband Plan

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