Thursday, September 1, 2016

How Much Share Will Skype for Business Take?

source: No Jitter
In many ways, the relative slowness of hosted PBX adoption is a puzzle, given the feature richness and cost savings, compared to premises switch alternatives, in many cases.

A subsidiary question is how well some services, such as Skype for Business, might fare.

Of the 224 respondents to a No Jitter survey that say they are using Skype for Business on-premises, 33 percent said they are using Enterprise Voice as a PBX replacement.

source: No Jitter
Of those 75 respondents, 52 percent estimate that their organizations have replaced at least half of their prior PBX capacity with Skype for Business Enterprise Voice and 63 percent indicated that their organizations will have done so in two years.

Some 17 percent of these respondents report a full replacement of PBX capacity, with 25 percent reporting that they expect to have fully replaced their PBX capacity with Enterprise Voice in two years.

Overall, 61 percent of respondents using Enterprise Voice said they consider it to be "better" or "much better" than the PBX systems replaced or still in use at their organizations.

source: No Jitter
Conversely, 11 percent deemed Skype for Business to be "worse" or "much worse," while 22 percent said Enterprise Voice and PBX systems are about the same in their experience.

Of those respondents whose organizations have already shifted some or all of their UC to Skype for Business in Office 365, many seem to be open to the idea of using Microsoft's cloud-based calling services..

Just shy of 60 percent of 175 respondents said they are already using or have considered using Skype for Business in Office 365 for voice services.

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