Friday, October 21, 2011

95% of Marketers Increasing Social Media Investments

Marketers routinely use multiple social media platforms, about 4.6 on average, according to a study by Buddy Media and Booz & Company. Facebook and Twitter are the two platforms used most frequently.

Perhaps significantly, “softer” success drivers were cited, compared to budgets. About 94 percent of respondents said ability to react fast was important. Some 93 percent said a clear champion was key. Just 53 percent said a “dedicated budget” was a key success factor, while just half indicated that a “head of social media” company-wide was a key element for success.

Some 96 percent of respondents said they use social media for advertising and promotions, while 86 percent use it for public relations. About 75 percent use social media for customer service.

Fully 90 percent of respondents see social media as most useful at the top of the sales funnel, to drive branding. Just 46 percent saw social media as most useful for generating leads or sales.

And 95 percent of respondents plan to increase social media spending.

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