Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mobile Commerce, Payments Inflection Point?

One might infer from this data developed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers and Mary Meeker, KPCB partner, that mobile commerce and mobile payments have hit an inflection point. 

There have been a couple other mobile inflection points in the mobile business recently.

Four years of disruption: cell phone industry financials 2007-2011It appears as though 2008 was noteworthy in several respects. It was the year the global "Great Recession" hit. It also seems to have been the year for big changes in the global mobile phone business.

Notably, it seems to have been the year that the iPhone began to stamp its leadership on the device market. It also seems to have been the year that prior successful feature phone strategies began to unravel. 
iPhone inflection point

Mobile advertising remains a small part of overall spending on online advertising or advertising in general. 

But it is noteworthy that the Interactive Advertising Bureau now has started to track and report mobile advertising sales volume.

That is an indicator that mobile advertising has reached an inflection point. 
Mobile advertising inflection point

Think "turning point"  or "critical mass" or "escape velocity" instead of "inflection point" and you will get the idea. 

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