Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time Warner Cable Loses Residential Voice Subs

Time Warner Cable grew its residential voice services revenue, but lost subscribers in its third quarter of 2011. The loss was slight, about 8,000 customer accounts on a base of about 4.5 million, but shows that voice is no longer a leading contributor to Time Warner Cable residential customer revenue growth. Neither is video, where Time Warner Cable lost 128,000 accounts.

High-speed data continued to grow revenues and subscribers, but is was business services that are showing the fastest growth rates.

Though smaller revenue contributors than any of the residential services, business high-speed data grew at a 16.7 percent annual rate, while business voice revenues grew 57 percent and wholesale transport grew 80 percent year over year. Time Warner Cable loses residential voice customers

Wholesale revenue was paced by mobile tower backhaul revenues.

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