Thursday, October 27, 2011

YouTube’s top channels rival cable audiences

The top five channels on YouTube get the same number of average daily viewers as the top five U.S. cable channels, YouTube says. That's a fairly remarkable statistic, as it suggests the potential YouTube has to outgrow its somewhat chaotic past and become a venue for "the next generation of cable channels." YouTube’s top channels rival cable

As a way of creating a viable and interesting revenue stream for YouTube, that has huge promise.

Separately, comScore says 180 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in August 2011 for an average of 18 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience engaged in a record 6.9 billion viewing sessions. comScore reports YouTube traffic

Video music channels VEVO (60.6 million viewers) and Warner Music (30.9 million viewers) assumed the top two positions. Gaming channel Machinima ranked third with 17.7 million viewers, followed by Maker Studios with 10 million, Demand Media with 8.4 million and Revision3 with 6.6 million. Within the top 10 partners, TheGameStation demonstrated the highest engagement with 76.5 minutes per viewer on average. Machinima was a close second on average engagement at 72.6 minutes per viewer.

YouTube Channel
Uniques (000)
Videos/ Viewer
Minutes/ Video
Warner Music31251.436.34.5
Demand Media15222.323.04.0
Maker Studios11445.248.94.3
Next New Networks4771.564.44.0
Discovery Communications3831.532.84.1
Break Media3727.322.94.1
Hearst Television Inc.3102.472.14.0

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