BSNL Boosts Internet Access to 2 Mbps in India

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is boosting fixed network broadband Internet speed to 2 Mbps, up from 512 Kbps and 1 Mbps, starting October 1, 2015.

The 2 Mbps speed will be available for 1 GB or higher consumption plans and it will be throttled to 512 Kbps after subscribers reach their usage caps.

The telco currently has nearly 10 million broadband subscribers with some 10 percent in rural India.

The upgrade might suggest how expensive it is, and how difficult it is, to provide high speed fixed network service in India.

Estimates made by the Pacific Telecommunications Council’s “Insight” project suggest a typical voice service costs about $3.49 a month, while Internet access might cost as much as $20 a month for a 2-Mbps service.

Fixed network Internet service adoption remains in low single digits.

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