Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lack of "Killer App" is Not a Barrier to Internet Adoption

Usage of social networking platforms has become nearly universal, just about everywhere people have mobile phones. The point is that there really is not a shortage of “killer apps” that must be developed to create reasons for people in developing nations to use the Internet.

In India,in 2015, there were 350 million Internet users, up 44 percent since 2014, according to We Are Social.There were 134 million social media users, 590 million unique mobile users, 159 million mobile Internet users and 97 million mobile social media users.

In both rural and urban areas, social networking is a key driver of Inrternet use in India, according to Digital Strategy Consulting. The most popular app or site in India is now Facebook, the group says.

In May 2015, almost 90 percent of the U.S. digital media population visited social networks, which accounted for more than 300 billion minutes of users’ attention.

The category has shifted quickly to mobile, with 80 percent of time spent  now coming from smartphones and tablets.

The average 18-44 year-old smartphone social networking user spends in excess of 25 hours per month consuming social content on that device, while the numbers are considerably lower for those age 45 or older.

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