Video Cord Cutting Still Muted, Survey Finds

With an important caveat--that disruptive changes in markets tend to build for long periods of time before erupting--a study sponsored by Rovi Corporation suggests the actual degree of video entertainment service “cord cutting” remains muted.

The study of consumers across North America, Europe and Asia found only  three percent of global viewers had actually done so, despite the fact that 57 percent of all respondents had given cord cutting either “a lot of” thought or “some” thought.

The greatest amount of cord cutting, though, is happening in the U.S. market, where seven percent of survey respondents had done so.

In Germany, France, China, and India only two percent of respondents in each of those countries were actual cord cutters.

The research findings were the result of an online survey of 4,000 linear subscription TV and over the top video subscriber service subscribers across seven countries worldwide with 1,000 interviews completed in the U.S., and 500 interviews completed each in the U.K., France, Germany, China, Japan, and India, Rovi said.
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