"All Consumer Trends Involve the Internet," Ericsson Says

“All consumer trends involve the internet,” argues Ericsson’s 10 Hot Consumer Trends. A corollary is that “prosumption,” where consumers participate in the production process now is routine and widespread. Online user reviews, opinion sharing, petitions and instant crowd activities are now becoming the norm more than an exception.

Ericsson also predictably argues that mobile broadband and Wi-Fi mean “we may not be physically more mobile, but our online activities are less restricted by our surroundings than ever before.”

Ericsson also notes that adoption cycles are faster, with a key implication: early adopters are less important, since mass market adoption happens faster than ever, and the period where adoption is driven by early adopters is shorter than ever.

Ericsson argues that artificial intelligence and virtual reality are perceived by consumers as realities as soon as five years hence.

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