European Mobile Data Consumption to Climb to 6 GB by 2019, at 45% CAGR

The average monthly data usage for Western Europe is set to grow from less than 1 GB per month in 2014 to nearly 6 GB in 2019, a compound annual growth rate of 45 percent, according to GSMA Intelligence.  

Faster networks are correlated with higher data consumption. Telef√≥nica, for example, says that its 4G customers’ usage is 60 percent higher than 3G.

Vodafone says its 4G customers across four European markets use twice as much data as its 3G customers (50 percent more in Germany to 1.3 times as much in the United Kingdom and three times as much in Spain).

Telef√≥nica as well has said it is “actively bundling content to drive data usage up”. Overall, data consumption by video is expected to rise to almost 75 percent of total usage in 2019 in Western Europe, up from 56 percent in 2014.

source: GSMA Intelligence
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