LIghtSquared Cleared to Emerge from Bankruptcy

LIghtSquared has received U.S. Federal Communications Commission approval to transfer spectrum licenses to a new entity, allowing the company to plan for emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Under new leadership, including Ivan Seidenberg, the incoming company’s new chairman of the board, the new LightSquared will be able to resume its efforts to build a national Long Term Evolution (LTE ) fourth generation network using former satellite spectrum in the “L band.”

LightSquared ran into a regulatory buzz saw when GPS interests complained about interference with GPS devices in neighboring frequencies. LightSquared has a license in the 1525 MHz to 1559 MHz band, while GPS devices operate in the 1559 MHz to 1591 MHz region.

LightSquared will have up to 40 megahertz of spectrum to support its national network.

The company originally filed for bankruptcy protection in May 2012. GPS users complained that the network would interfere with equipment that requires precise location data.

Ironically, some might note that GPS interference with LightSquared was demonstrably greater than LightSquared interference in the GPS bands.

In principle, Lightsquared and GPS will now have to reach a deal that would satisfy both while leaving consumers much better off.
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