U.K. Data Consumption Up 40% in One Year

Over the past year, the average amount of data consumption by U.K. fixed network Internet access consumers has increased to 82 GBytes a month, an average increase of over 40 percent over last-year levels, Ofcom reports.

Video entertainment represents about 65 percent of the usage, Ofcom estimates.

Customers with broadband connections faster than 40 Mbps are driving the increase in monthly data use, with an average increase of around 47 percent, Ofcom reports.

More than 66 percent of the adult population now has a smartphone, up by 27 percentage points since 2012. That, plus increased 3G and 4G network coverage has resulted in consumption of about  870 MB of data per month, an increase of 64 percent since 2014.

Still, fixed network data consumption is about two orders of magnitude higher than mobile usage. Video and web browsing account for more than 80 percent of overall data use on mobile networks.
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