Mobile Ad Blocking is a Growing Problem Because Users Want to Save Money on Data Costs

Mobile ad blocking is a business model problem, one might argue, not so much because ads are so intrusive, but because ads represent so much bandwidth overhead, especially in markets where mobile plans can cost as much as 4.4 percent of per-person gross national income, and data charges are extra.

Fixed network Internet access can cost as much as 21 percent to 29 percent of per-person GNI in developing nations, and as much as 98 percent of GNI per capita in the least developed nations.

By 2014, mobile service cost an average to 5.6 percent of GNI per capita  in developing countries. In the less developed countries, mobile costs 14 percent of GNI, per capita.

In the developed countries, mobile service costs about  1.4 percent of GNI per person.

Under those sorts of conditions, users have ample incentive to block ads that represent significant costs.
source: ITU
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