Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 Metrics to Prove Social Media Marketing is Working

Ultimately, all marketing channels must prove their worth. Right now, social media are in their infancy, and so are being widely nurtured despite clear evidence of return, simply because some investments initially are strategic, and only later are tactically justifiable.

At some point, though, social media will have to demonstrate return on investment in the somewhat imprecise way all other channels must: on lead generation and customer acquisition, even though those metrics are hard to attribute to any specific channel when multiple channels are used.

In the near term, people can use proxy measures, such as traffic growth, but that ultimately is a just a proxy for the other measurable outcomes any business has to rely on. 


social media marketing said...

Social media marketing involves creating content and distributing it online.

Twitter Marketing said...

Through social media you can quickly build a network of core supporters, which is essential for any up and coming business to keep growing and expanding.

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