Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mobile Can Help or Hurt Retailers

In the absence of measures taken to use mobile shopping to their advantage, broadly-defined mobile retailing will hurt, rather than help, most retailers. The reason is simple. Web-equipped mobile users easily can check prices, availability, product reviews and other information on products while they are in stores. And people are doing that.

About 30 percent of respondents surveyed by the GfK Roper Poll say that, while at a store looking at a product, they tried to find a better deal elsewhere, using their phone. About 33 percent say that while out shopping, they emailed or texted someone to tell them about an experience at a store, such as finding a great deal or a great gift.

The study, sponsored by Sapient, also found that 30 percent of respondents own a smartphone capable of supporting such activities.

About 19 percent of respondents used their phone to post something on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or other social networking sites about their holiday shopping experience.

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