Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Digital Divide is Not Based on Access

In the District of Columbia and other urban areas, unlike rural areas of the United States, "lack of adoption of digital resources (computers and broadband) generally is not due to lack of availability of broadband," says a new strategy paper by the District of Columbina CTO.

"The District currently has three large wireline broadband providers and many smaller ones, as well at least six major wireless broadband providers (both 3G and 4G); together, these providers furnish service in all areas of the city," the report notes.

"Rather, individuals and households in areas where broadband service is available typically choose not to subscribe for one or more of three leading reasons²usability, affordability, and perceived value/relevance."

That's a different problem than the "there is no access" argument some have insisted is the issue, and will be tougher to remedy.

Digital Divide Strategy

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