Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pre-5G, IMT-2020 Standards are Going to Influence Each Other

One always can get an argument about whether “official standards” shape technology more than “market-dictated standards.” The reason is that most popular communications standards are the result of some combination of end user adoption that creates de facto standards, as well as de jure work by standards bodies.

Something like that will have as fifth generation mobile standards are created. On the “official” side, there are the coming IMT-2020 standards. On the other hand, many “pre-5G” initiatives are in the works.

That means the pre-5G de facto standards will influence the “official” standards to some extent, even as understanding of what might emerge as IMT-2020 will shape pre-5G capabilities.

With the International Telecommunications Union targeting 2020, and major mobile companies, especially in East Asia, targeting pre-5G introductions possibly in 2017, the influences will work both ways.

It might be reasonable to suggest that the core specs largely will be reflected in the pre-5G introductions, or at least the ability to migrate seamlessly.

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