Monday, June 29, 2015

SK Telecom, Nokia Networks Embed SDN in 5G

SK Telecom and Nokia Networks announced they have successfully verified a co-developed core 5G technology, and have established their joint 5G research and development center in South Korea.

The companies have verified the performance of a user plane and control plane separation technique, which restructures core network architecture into a hybrid network model. That is another way of saying 5G will be build on software defined network principles.

Among other things, that means the ability to populate a network with many “dumber and cheaper” appliances, while retaining control on a centralized basis.

That is supposed to lead to lower overall capital costs, more comprehensive network control and greater ability to use any available transport or access mechanisms.

The separation of control and user planes  is behind the notion that 5G mobile networks will be able to mix and match access networks.

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