Friday, August 19, 2016

350 Live Gigabit Networks Globally

There are now at least 350 live gigabit deployments globally, with a further 164 announced or under construction, across wireline and mobile  technologies including GPON, DOCSIS 3.1,, LTE-A, 5G and 802.11ac, according to Gigabit Monitor, a visual database produced by Viavi Solutions.

North America has the largest share of announced gigabit deployments, with 61 percent. Europe is second with 24 percent. Asia, Australasia, Middle East, Africa and South America share the remaining 15 percent of deployments.

More than 70 percent of the live gigabit deployments tracked have been launched since the start of 2015, and the numbers will skyrocket as 5G networks come online, as those mobile networks will, by definition, offer gigabit to multi-gigabit speeds.

The database, developed completely from public information, is available at

Fiber dominates: 85 percent of currently known gigabit deployments are based on optical fiber connectivity, while 11 percent are based on hybrid fiber coax (HFC), the platform used by cable providers.

Over time, it is likely that the percentage of deployments based on mobile and “telecom” platforms will grow, as a percentage of total, simply because cable TV platforms are not widely deployed globally. Mobile platforms should start to grow starting in 2017.

Nearly three percent of known gigabit deployments are based on LTE-A.

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