Friday, August 26, 2016

Small Business Spending Less on Telecom; Enterprises Spending More

Small business customers are spending less than they did in 2015, J.D. Power says. The average monthly amount spent on data service has declined from 2015 in the small/medium business segment (-$147).
But very-small businesses increased spending slightly, while large enterprise businesses boosted spending about $390 a month.
The top reason businesses chose their current telecom services provider is network quality and network speed (35 percent).
The core reasons for switching providers include obtaining better pricing (68 percent); better/more reliable service performance (28 percent); and favorable pricing options (24 percent).
The main reason businesses contact customer care is network-related: report an outage, service disruption/disconnected or poor/bad reception (26 percent). The next-highest contact reason is to inquire about a product or service (14 percent).   

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