Value-Added Services Double the Typical Business Customer Monthly Billing

Value-added services generate business customer monthly spending twice the average customer account size, according to J.D. Power. Security services and videoconferencing are among the services that increase customer recurring spending the most.

Value-added services increase the industry average customer bill of $322 to $582 among subscribers to cloud computing services; to $766 among subscribers to security solutions; and to $792 among subscribers to videoconferencing applications.

Service providers offering value-added services achieve higher overall satisfaction scores than do providers not offering such services, J.D. Powers reports.

For example, overall satisfaction among business customers who subscribe to videoconferencing applications is 816, which is 75 index points higher than the overall industry average score of 741.
Offering security solutions to protect against corporate hacking (812) and cloud computing (794) are other advanced technology services that lead to higher overall satisfaction, according to J.D. Powers.

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