Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Verizon Still Leads U.S. Mobile Market Performance, RootMetrics Finds

All marketing hype aside, Verizon still leads U.S. mobile service provider performance, according to Rootmetrics studies.

“Verizon’s performance in our testing of the United States was outstanding,” RootMetrics says.

For the first time since we began testing the whole of the US in the second half of 2013, Verizon won United States RootScore Awards outright across all six RootScore categories: Overall performance, Network Reliability, Network Speed, Data performance, Call performance, and Text performance.

Perhaps just as impressive is that Verizon won the United States Overall RootScore Award for the sixth consecutive time.

AT&T finished second to Verizon in five out of six categories at the national level, including overall performance, network reliability, network speed, and data performance.

The only area in which AT&T didn’t rank second behind Verizon was in the Call RootScore category. There, Sprint again narrowly edged past AT&T to finish second.

This marks the first time in five test periods that AT&T didn’t win or share the United States Text RootScore Award.

AT&T has remained a strong number-two performer behind Verizon in our United States RootScore testing for six consecutive test periods.

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